Hi Altspacers!

We just released an update, Altspace client 4.2.39, available across all devices/platforms. This update fixes some login bugs, adds audio support to web projector on Mac, and includes a sneak peek at a new feature: Festivals.

The Mac client for this release is here: https://altvr.com/altspacevr-mac/

This update will be required late next week, we encourage all users to download the update as soon as possible through the app store used to download AltspaceVR.

Special note on login issues:
Our top priority right now is resolving the core issues some of you are experiencing when logging into AltspaceVR. This update fixes some login bugs but not all of them. We are working hard on the remaining investigations, will continue monitoring your feedback, and remain committed to tracking down and fixing these issues.

If you are experiencing any login issues or problems, please contact our support with as many specifics as possible, including information about which device you’re using and a detailed description of the issue that occurred. We also greatly appreciate your client logs, as they help us track down and fix issues more quickly.

• Learn more about uploading your client logs: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/altspace-vr/faqs/uploading-client-logs

• Contact AltspaceVR support: http://altvr.com/support

Updates Part 2:

• Festivals – Available later this month in time for BRCvr, use the Festivals tab in the Altspace Menu to easily find worlds and events that are associated with the festival you’re attending. This is just the beginning of this feature – stay tuned for more in the future!

Bug Fixes:
• Fixed issue that caused New Accounts to re-enter a device code more than once
• Fixed issue that required some users to re-login frequently
• Added support for web projector audio on Mac
o Known Issue: Web Projector mirror is currently not supported on Mac
• Fixed issue that caused some users to crash while using captions

As always, we welcome your feedback! Reach out to our team at http://altvr.com/support

The URP preview links have been updated to include everything from the recent general update.
Altspace 4.2.40 URP for Rift: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpOculus
Altspace 4.2.40 URP for SteamVR: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpSteam
Altspace 4.2.40 URP for WinMR: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpWinmr
Altspace 4.2.40 URP for Quest: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpQuest
Altspace 4.2.40 URP for Mac: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpMac