Greetings, I am AussieGuy92,

For more than two years, I was an active user and former Community Helper in the AltspaceVR community. However, with the platform’s shutdown on March 10, 2023, I found myself at a crossroads. Rather than view this as a setback, I embraced it as an opportunity to broaden my horizons and engage with other platforms.

Currently, I am focused on creating within VRChat and Spatial, two burgeoning platforms within the VR landscape. Alongside this, I am diligently studying and documenting the role and influence of AI processes within Unity3D, a pivotal tool for VR creators.

Adapting to these changes has inspired me to establish a new web resource, This website is designed as a comprehensive guide for fellow VR creators, providing insights into the evolving world of virtual reality, game development, and the intricate dynamics between AI and Unity3D.

My Contributions To AltspaceVR

Upon joining AltspaceVR, I quickly noticed a significant gap in the platform’s support and guidance for newcomers, particularly those seeking to develop within Unity3D and integrate their creations into AltspaceVR. The lack of accessible documentation and user-friendly tutorials prompted me to establish, an online resource designed to simplify the onboarding process and provide valuable insights into the realm of Unity3D and its application within AltspaceVR. began as a personal project, born out of necessity and frustration. However, it quickly evolved into a crucial support system for the AltspaceVR community. The website filled the vacuum left by AltspaceVR’s initial lack of comprehensive documentation, which was not significantly improved until late 2021.

As the website grew, so did my visibility within the community. became a trusted resource, and my name became synonymous with guidance and support for budding VR creators. Many community members took their first steps in VR building, drawing on the tutorials and guides available on the site. It brings me immense joy to see some of these creators flourish, developing skills beyond my own, and even establishing their own businesses within the VR realm.

I am deeply humbled by the opportunity to contribute to the AltspaceVR community in such a meaningful way. The success of, however, is not solely my achievement. It is a testament to the supportive and collaborative spirit of the AltspaceVR community. The members who helped me in my early days, those who offered advice on running the website, and those who guided me on how to better serve the community, all share in this accomplishment.

The legacy of within AltspaceVR stands as a reminder of what we can achieve when we collaborate, share knowledge, and support each other in exploring the limitless potential of VR.