Today an announcement was sent to current community helpers of Altspace to reach out and let community helpers know that on May 25th 2022 there will be changes made to the platform.

  • Green tags will no longer be visible or togglable after this update.
  • Discord access to the community helper channel for current CH’s will be removed.
  • AltspaceVR 101 events will not be run after this date.
  • Community helpers were sent an e-mail outlining the information.
  • The e-mail contents is the only public/semi-public information published in regards to these changes.

Although there is no official ‘public’ announcement at time of publication, AltspaceVR staff member Fae confirmed it was okay for the information to be shared. I will do a follow up opinion post to discuss it, but will delay to allow Altspace to make a public announcement if they wish to.