A common problem that I have and on the headset, although it isn’t limited to the headset, is being stuck in an AltSpace loading screen, and I’ve had experience with this problem enough to weigh in on the issue with my 2 cents.

Should you reload and quit AltSpace?

It’s a tough call, but from experience, compared to other Quest 2 users, I usually end up waiting up to 5 minutes to get in, which the world would usually load 9/10 when this issue occurred. A few times, when a portal is activated and the loading screen takes ages to load, people would often quit out of AltSpace. I personally wait it out, and I end up inside the world and loaded in okay, and this usually is the case with a world that I haven’t been to yet or hasn’t been updated since my last visit.

A few minutes later, my friends joined and said they had to restart AltSpace, but the reality is they may have quit a little too soon.

AltSpace would always run best when it has been started upon a reboot, and you go to the world you want to go. From time to time, you may need to come back into AltSpace, which may help prevent this issue.

So my interpretation is that the world will load quicker on a fresh reboot, but the reality is that they would have been able to enter if they held on for a few minutes more. If you weigh the fact that I still entered the world before them, it means that it is worth sticking around.

My problems may not be your problems

Headsets can be glitchy, and AltSpaceVR is not glitch-free on any day of the week; when you consider those factors, you may genuinely have to restart your headset when these issues occur. But before you get into a routine of quitting AltSpace consider testing the problem and be willing to wait up to 10 minutes to test if restarting AltSpace is right for you.

TIP: Reinstall AltSpaceVR every month

This is a rule I swear by, and it helps keep my cache size low on my device, but I uninstall AltSpace and reinstall. Yes, it’s a pain to log in again and set up my settings, but AltSpace runs better for me, and I face many issues.