Release 4.2.45

Hi Altspacers!

We just released an update that fixed a few bugs and added a new feature. Altspace client 4.2.41 is available across all devices/platforms, and upon updating you’ll notice a brand new “What’s New” section on the Title Screen. We hope you dig!

The Mac client for this release can be found at

New Feature:

  • Added a “What’s New” section to the Title Screen, which allows you to quickly access the latest news, update release notes, and info from the AltspaceVR team.
  • Festivals can now be in the Spotlight and featured on the title screen.

Bug Fixes & Misc:

  • Fixed issue that caused the cursor to disappear while in Title Screen/Menu view
  • Fixed issue that prevented user from hiding cursor in 2D Mode
  • Fixed display issue with Web Projector mirror on Mac
  • Moved the “Teleport Aiming” setting in the Input Settings menu, to enable easier access

As always, we welcome your feedback! Reach out to our team at