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  • Opinion: Removal of Community Helper Badages
    I want to start by thanking all of the Altspace Community Helpers whether they are current or former helpers of the community. Since the announcement, there has been talking about the removal and there have been mixed reactions. Something I have heard repeatedly, particularly at yesterday’s Community Helper Farewell Celebration is a sense of understanding […]
  • Important Updates on MSA Integration, Security, and More
    You can read the official announcement in full from AltspaceVR here regarding this update. The announcement echoed the previous e-mail sent out to Community Helpers regarding the pausing of the Community Helper program. “Finally, we will be pausing our Community Helper program for the time being as we figure out what the future of moderation, […]
  • Farewell Community Helpers (Event)
    Come join us as we say our final farewell to our community helper badges. Many of us have helped the community because it is truly our passion. Let’s get together and share how we’ve made an impact on the community and what the badges meant to us. We will have guest speakers, a final farewell […]
  • Altspace is hitting ‘pause’ on the Community Helper program and 101 events
    Today an announcement was sent to current community helpers of Altspace to reach out and let community helpers know that on May 25th 2022 there will be changes made to the platform. Green tags will no longer be visible or togglable after this update. Discord access to the community helper channel for current CH’s will […]
  • The VR community is nuts about NFTs and why I’m not
    Since joining VR I have been around discussion groups and attended events discussing Blockchain, NFTs and everything crypto. I would say I have a comprehensive knowledge of these topics but wouldn’t say I’m expert level. But I did my due diligence a few months ago to work out if NFTs were feasible as a source […]
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Published By: AussieGuy92
Published: 1 July 2021

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