Tony Stark, otherwise known as Muzz suffered a recent illness that lead to him being in an ICU ward and nearly to the point that we lost him. The outpour of emotional response from the community is an understatement and over a hundred people came to collectively pray for a miracle gathered united in sorrow.

Tammy made an announcement that suggested life support was going to be removed within 20 minutes. While this was happening Molly ‘The Real Molly’ encouraged us to not give up and to gather for what was thought to be a last prayer for Tony. As his family said their goodbyes they played voice notes from his friends. His family soon reported that he opened his eyes and responded to voice clips and just defied the odds of pulling through and started to make a positive rebound.

Over the course of the last 12 hours, Tony has been able to communicate by text and is in good spirits. Although he is still reported to be on oxygen, every passing hour is a sign that he is on the road to a full recovery.

As I typed this article I had messages come through from Tony who is no doubt overwhelmed about this ordeal and has posted on the AltspaceVR Pals to update everyone himself.

There was a bit of confusion about his status as his condition changed almost as quickly as it deteriorated.

Who is Tony Stark?

Tony Stark started in Altspace last year and has become a star with his kindness, compassion and his pretty cool MRE Iron Man suit. He is someone who is always respectful and considered an all-round-nice guy. Generally, you will find it hard to find someone who has had a bad experience with him.

He is also part of the Marvel superheroes that exist on the platform and has plenty of foes in the DC universe. The fun and creativity of the superheroes has made him the ‘OG’ of superheroes on the platform.

Also the fact that he cheated death also makes him a real-life superhero. 🙂

Altspace community contributed to a miracle

As we gathered for Tony we prayed to God and select a few recited verses, others bowed their heads, some sort other spiritual rituals or prayers. It was something to see for yourself, everyone from all walks of life, different countries and some speaking different tounges. To try and describe the atmosphere still ignites raw emotions as it is one of the rare times where I have personally gone from unimaginable grief to pure joy in the space of a few hours.

In the last minutes that were thought to be Tony’s last – voice notes were played from Altspace users that made him wake up and smile. This last-minute turn-around is rare and stunned his doctors.

I am convinced that our prayers were answered spiritually as a collective and it really shows the power of VR where people can meet at a moment’s notice and gather in hundreds for someone who they love and want to support.

As a result of yesterday’s emotional rollercoaster, I have heard people are now believing in God for the first time in their lives because they felt the connections between us all in grief and praying in unison. Others have paused and thought about the spirit world with more curiosity rather than a critic.

Thank you’s

Thank you to Tammy, YumYum, Sherwin, Sparrow, Star, Ryu, Molly, Mitch, MattyBoy, JohnTheEntertainer – Plus all the mods and everyone who came and put a photo down, participated in prayer or just gave a shoulder for someone to cry on.