You can find the up to date information on this page:

AltSpace have updated their website to provide a tag on events and worlds visible in the ‘Worlds’ and ‘Events’ tabs. These tags are also shown in your templates and worlds so you can tell at a glance if your content has been up to date.

If you see the tag ‘NA’ it means it has not been migrated to Unity 2020. This might also be a good opportunity to find out if upcoming events later next week or in the future need to be accounted for.

It has been recommended to help other users and educate others on what will happen after September 15th.

For world owners & world builders

There are a few extra pages that have been added to the AltVR website in recent days to help you become familiar with the content that needs to be updated.

Updating your kits & templates

You can view your own kits that need to be updated here: