This update was released on the 20th October 2020. Full release announcement can be read here.

Hi Altspacers!

Today we are releasing a hotfix update for AltspaceVR, client version 4.2.49 is available now across all devices. This update fixes several notable bugs that were reported by the community, including a fix for memory-related crashes on Mac when using the web projector, and a fix for the “missing avatar type” error.

The Mac client for this release is here:

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed memory-related crashes on Mac when using Web Projector.
  • Fixed “missing avatar type” error in the customizer.
  • Fixed “invisible avatar” issue on Oculus devices.

Any Issues? Contact us!

Please reach out to our AltspaceVR Support Team for assistance with any issues or bugs:

Important World Builders Note:

The URP Unity Upgrade update will release on Wednesday, October 20, 2021.
All world builders & event hosts will need to update their content by Oct 20th to ensure content compatibility.

Thank you to our World Builder community for the preview build tests and bug reports we received, this support has been crucial to our team tracking down bugs and creating fixes. Thank you for your patience throughout this entire process, we know it has been a tough wait for many content creators.

Known Issues in the URP Update build:

  • Point and spotlights do not illuminate objects or cast shadows on Quest/Quest 2 in our upcoming URP update. This is a known issue and will be fixed in a future release.
  • Some higher quality water shaders are not supported at this time. This will be fixed in a future release.

Final URP Preview Build:

AltspaceVR 4.3.4 URP for Rift:
AltspaceVR 4.3.4 URP for SteamVR:
AltspaceVR 4.3.4 URP for WinMR or 2D Mode on PC:
AltspaceVR 4.3.4 URP for Quest:
AltspaceVR 4.3.4 URP for Mac:

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