Also in Altspace’s recent news, there has been a cleansing of the AltspaceVR official accounts on app stores and on their YouTube channel.

Their main banner image has also been changed which is fantastic as the image did not represent an accurate visual of the avatar system. Instead, they changed it to the loading screen skybox which may be a placeholder image until it can be replaced and possibly near in the future incoming updates, Alex Kipman announced earlier this week.

Opinion: Why the cleanse and what else has been cleaned out?

AltspaceVR being owned by Microsoft has mostly abandoned most social media channels besides Twitter & FaceBook and in particular, their YouTube page has been neglected for a few years. While the budget may not have been allocated for videos in the past this is a clear sign that AltspaceVR is stepping up to improve the content on their social media platforms to be up to date and relevant.

Most of the videos on the channel were outdated to the previous robot avatars and did not reflect what AltspaceVR is like now. Another aspect is they did not replace the banner with an image with current avatars, this might be just to add a quick cost-effective replacement. Maybe there could be another image in the works but a re-brand and cleanse was required first coinciding with the recent announcements.

This change is overall positive although people may miss the old videos for nostalgia purposes.