Finding Unity3D Assets

Before using anyone’s assets, free or commercial or whatever the case may be, it is best to check that you have the right to do what you want with the particular assets in the license agreement for that asset.

Some asset creators don’t want their assets being used on particular platforms or conditions. It is clear that the law is not always clear so it is recommended you contact the asset owner if you are unsure if you have permission to use them in VR or to distribute them ie: via Altspace kit or group.

Generally speaking you can download an asset and upload it for personal use in rooms that you have created yourself. AussieGuy92 or does not provide legal advice on assets. It is considered courteous to give credit with a sign or in the world description to pay tribute the origional asset creators as it gives users the ability to locate and find assets for themselves which helps the origional creator.


Asset types compatible with Unity3D


If you are using software compatible with Unity such as Cheetah 3D or a .BLEND file from Blender you will need to export as a FBX inside the software so that you can bring it into Unity. You will also need to make sure your materials are exported and imported correctly. This will vary depending on the software you are using. 


Asset Resources

AussieGuy’s Top Picked Assets

Failed To Render

Welcome to the longest-running professional Metaverse comedy club in the WORLD! We have over 100+ comedians from across the world who perform for you every night of the week! Unmute yourselves and let's have a good laugh!

Altspace SDK

Hear about latest SDK developments, show off your creations.

VR Forward

A VR event presence in Altspace bringing a variety of fun to a headset near you. From concerts to talk shows to everything in between!

LGBTQ+ and Friends Meetup

We have created this safe haven where you can express yourself in a welcoming environment. We have created this space for those who have difficulty sharing their thoughts and experiences. Feel bold enough to share your stories and we will do our part to give you the encouragement you need to live the life you have always dreamed.


CHANGE your life by growing your business to its fullest potential!

If you want to increase income and grow your business with a real live audience then VR Networking by CONINVR is the way to go. Our networking group grows every day.

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AussieGuy92’s Produced Assets

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Disclaimer: Created by AussieGuy92 these are free assets and released under The Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication license.

AG Bed 01

You can drop and drag different colours to customize the bed.


Supports 3 different materials 1 for each side and the edges.

Outdoor Basketball Zone

Basketball court with a wall stopper to prevent balls rolling back outside of the court.

10x10Y5 Room-1 + Door

Double-sided with multiple snap-drop material assignments.

Hi, I'm AussieGuy92 from AltspaceVR

I shifted to virtual reality and finally found myself a home in AltspaceVR virtual reality social app managed by Microsoft. I play other games, but most of my time is spent building and exploring VR worlds with my friends.

I also create content guides and showcase other events by other users and host my own events from time to time.

Important Updates on MSA Integration, Security, and More

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Altspace is hitting ‘pause’ on the Community Helper program and 101 events

Today an announcement was sent to current community helpers of Altspace to reach out and let community helpers know that on May 25th 2022 there will be changes made to the platform. Green tags will no longer be visible or togglable after this update.Discord access to...

Unpopular Opinion: Removing the commons campfire makes the platform safer

After the recent campfire removal, there has been a lot of frustration and confusion and also the concern of people not knowing where to go to seek help. Although there are some challenges at the moment with the onboarding of new users to the platform who would...

Changes to Altspace Event API JSON

For security and integrity purposes, I have retracted some information to protect the event information and account information associated with the event. There have been some interesting unannounced changes to the event JSON file that is generated to provide the...

AltspaceVR Social Media Cleanse

Also in Altspace's recent news, there has been a cleansing of the AltspaceVR official accounts on app stores and on their YouTube channel. Their main banner image has also been changed which is fantastic as the image did not represent an accurate visual of the avatar...

The town hall meetup/presentation

Disclaimer: Thoughts and opinions are my own and I do not represent Microsoft or AltspaceVR. Fair and reasonable critical analysis has been applied. You should check the official AltspaceVR Blog for official news. First, it wasn't a town...

17th Feb AltspaceVR Update: Goodbye Campfire & Commons Area

Disclaimer: I do not work for Altspace/Microsoft and thoughts and opinions are my own. This post was published in wake of the announcement and does not include community helper-privledged information released at time of publish. And this article will speculate on the...

AG House G

Patrons will soon have this house in their collection. It's a massive house and one I may have gotten ahead of myself to make but I built this house from scratch with very few prefabs imported. 

Front page promotion for Patrons

If you have been a Patron for longer than 3 months (on any tier) I will include 1 request per month to have your event featured on the home page and require 1 weeks notice. Event approval is at my sole discretion and events such as live UFC fights won't be advertised...

Trial: New Patron Section

I've attached a link to a recent post on my site that is locked under a Patron wall. Logging in with your Patron account is easy and avoids unnecessary signing up as a manual user on the site but also gives you access to content. I am running tests so it would be...