People create memories in AltSpace by taking photos and AltSpaceVR allows users to dress their avatar up to some degree. However, the finer details are often missed and the community has talented users offering their services to create custom avatar impressions.

Pricing may vary per project so I recommend asking for specifics and being clear with what you are seeking just so that expectations on price and delivery time is met for all parties.

If you would like to have your profile listed please contact AussieGuy92.

AussieGuy92 is not endorsing or liable for transactions between users of the AltSpace community. However, their portfolios speak for themselves in terms of reviews and quality of work.

Rae’s Work

Rae does excellent work has the industry experience and her work is available for commission via her Instagram page:

Avatar’s by Star @starbittenart


Star is available for commission through her Instagram or website.