Okay, I’ve touched on ProBuilder before, and before I go into this article, I want to make a quick point that ProBuilder isn’t by far the “best” tool for building your own meshes and custom objects for Unity. You may be familiar with other software such as Blender used for asset creation and may have overlooked ProBuilder because of how ProBuilder works in Unity 2019.

Blender can do a lot that ProBuilder can do with half the effort, but for me personally, I found it much easier to pick up ProBuilder, and I’ve been able to learn more quickly. Sure, I could have spent a few days learning basic tutorials on YouTube, but I really wanted to master Unity first as a beginner.

This lead me to use ProBuilder a little in Unity 2019. The problem was that in Unity 2019, you could build using ProBuilder, but the custom object you created would have a script component attached. This script allowed the mesh to be changed at any time, but the obvious problem is that AltSpace rejects scripts in uploads.

The only real workaround at available was to have a separate Unity project and export your objects across to another project which was not ideal.

ProBuilder in Unity 2020

I noticed ProBuilder was a lot more reliable in Unity 2020 so it got me digging and trying to find out why I was having success in using ProBuilder with the AltSpace Unity uploader.

I came across this: https://unity-technologies.github.io/procore-legacy-docs/probuilder/probuilder2-gh-pages/preferences/preferences/ this told me about a feature that allows scripts to be stripped at runtime. I checked my Unity 2020 project and realised that this had been toggled on by default. However, I am not sure if this was not enabled in 2019 by default or was simply buggy because I was having mixed results with Unity 2019.

Enable ‘Script Stripping’

This strips the ProBuilder scripts at runtime which allows me to keep my ProBuilder script in my project and not have to worry about deleting it before I upload to AltSpace. You can find this option in Unity by going to Edit > Preferences.

ProBuilder Custom Poly Shape Uploaded To AltSpace

Done. 🙂