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AG House G

Patrons will soon have this house in their collection. It’s a massive house and one I may have gotten ahead of myself to make but I built this house from scratch with very few prefabs imported. 

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Front page promotion for Patrons

If you have been a Patron for longer than 3 months (on any tier) I will include 1 request per month to have your event featured on the home page and require 1 weeks notice. Event approval is at my sole discretion and events such...

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Trial: New Patron Section

I’ve attached a link to a recent post on my site that is locked under a Patron wall. Logging in with your Patron account is easy and avoids unnecessary signing up as a manual user on the site but also gives you access to...

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Goodbye SDK Meetups

AltspaceVR admin Steven announced today that he is “stepping back” away from the SDK development to focus on other things. This means that there will not be any SDK meetups for the foreseeable future at least. But it...

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