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  1. McDonald’s
    Rating: 3.85/5. From 20 votes.
  2. Daisy Shaw & Mr Yellow’s Hub World
    Rating: 4.61/5. From 18 votes.
  3. The Campfire
    The Old Campfire
    Rating: 3.93/5. From 14 votes.
  4. Maplewood Glade
    Rating: 4.00/5. From 11 votes.
MRE Development Meetup hosted by Dargon

MRE Development Meetup hosted by Dargon

Recently Steven announced the end of the Altspace-provided MRE meetups which was received as mixed news. A few weeks from the news one of the community's talented MRE developers has stepped up to provide (bi-weekly?) meetups. I attended the meetup this week to listen...

Halo + Santa Hats

Halo + Santa Hats

wss:// halo gives off a glow as well hence why I couldn't take a clear photo but the glow is a nice intensity so you won't be running around blind (hopefully! :P)