Advocating for Change

Why fights for AltSpaceVR Users

I have worked in customer retention for a company that I grew up being an advocate for and being a ‘happy customer’. Part of my role was to fix the company’s mess-ups so that things would not escalate to the ombudsman. My job was to take immediate decisive action on things required to resolve the customer’s problems. What I learnt from working in this role is that even the biggest companies don’t always get it right by the end-user/customer.

Why I implemented this page

Everyone makes mistakes and I do think AltSpaceVR is trying to bring positive changes to the platform. The problem is sometimes issues occur and there is a massive breakdown of communication particularly between management and the community. Sometimes there are key problems that aren’t getting the attention they deserve and rectified in a timely manner. I hope that this page brings exposure and attention to these issues and open up a dialogue with AltSpaceVR on the best process forward.

 This page will be kept peaceful and allow the free flow of constructive discussion

This page isn’t calling for anarchy or for unorganised and disruptive behaviour towards AltVR community members or staff. A lot of the time campfire admins have their hands tied when it comes to many issues and they can only pass things through the chain of command.¬†

What we need to do collectively

Sign petitions, peacefully have discussions within our community. There are groups and pages on social media where you can engage in conversations outside of the AltSpaceVR community. You can share links to petitions to allow you to refer the problem at hand to staff and friends.

We value all perspectives and opinions

There may be things we don’t know about behind the scenes at AltVR and one can’t be quick to jump to conclusions. By having a civil dialogue about these issues, we can build a better understanding of the problem and work a path forward.


Petition for Dave's Freedom

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