Rocadolla has welcomed the VRForward into the Rocadolla’s Hall of fame which is an event that highlights the successes and talents of AltSpaceVR. VRForward has hosted over 80 events over the last 6 months and they have formed and built themselves up in a short space of time.

It is worth noting that VRForward’s entry into the hall of fame is a particular success since several members were part of the former FlockVR before it was disbanded into two groups. I appreciate the fact that VRForward has risen up and hosted many events that I have personally gone to myself. They have always held their events with the same professional standards carried over from the previous group. They created their own ideas and events that run like clockwork each week and they are featured hosts in other events including Avatar Squares with Kristin.

I would like to thank VRForward for everything that they have contributed to the community.