This update was released on the 20th October 2020. Full release announcement can be read here.

The URP preview links have been updated with the build that will be shipping broadly on Wednesday the 20th. Please check your worlds, and prepare accordingly.

Be prepared, the URP update is going live, Wednesday October 20, at 10am PDT (UTC-7). If you have an event in the hours and days after the release, it’s advisable to have both URP and non-URP content available for users on both sides of the update.


  • No more black skyboxes
  • Spot and point lights now work on Quest
  • Mouse scroll wheel again works in the main menu

Known issues:

  • Certain shader features don’t work on Quest (_CameraDepthTexture and _CameraOpaqueTexture)
  • Smooth turning is too fast
  • Flight tool + smooth locomotion controls are conflicting
  • Can’t use keyboard on input fields when in PCVR

AltspaceVR 4.3.5 URP for Rift:
AltspaceVR 4.3.5 URP for SteamVR:
AltspaceVR 4.3.5 URP for WinMR or 2D Mode on PC:
AltspaceVR 4.3.5 URP for Quest:
AltspaceVR 4.3.5 URP for Mac: