Growing your AltSpace collection of kits, templates and MRES

People may be reading the official AltSpace documentation and even articles on my site and be overwhelmed by world-building and using Unity to create the kits. If you are someone who just wants more kits, templates and skyboxes but you don’t even own a PC then this guide will cover what your options are.

This is a strategy guide for AltSpace beginners or people who are unable to build assets in Unity or learn. After all, Unity isn’t for everyone.

You need to network

Individually we may be comfortable or not comfortable with making conversations and it can be daunting so if socialising isn’t your thing and you just want to connect with people who enjoy just sharing AltSpace assets; I’ve created a FaceBook group called “AussieGuy’s AltSpace Group Share“.

This is a new group I’ve created in an attempt to solve a problem that people have which is getting access to kits, templates and MRE’s easily. Depending on who you socialise with and how often you use AltSpace it can take a while to accumulate assets. But regulars will usually have access to people who have kits or have the ability to share kits to get items.

Another reason why you should network; people have different tastes and may bring in only particular assets, and you may not specifically want or desire any of their assets. So it makes sense to have a diverse range of builder friends who could potentially, between all of them, give you what you are after.

When you add timezones into the equation it’s hard to coordinate exchanges

In my case being an Australian, there are fewer users in my part of the world on AltSpace due to headsets only being available online here. It can be difficult for me to coordinate sometimes with people who are seeking assets but don’t have a huge window of opportunity to chat with someone.

Tips for collecting your assets

  • Don’t beg, ask. Most people don’t mind sharing assets but what pisses people off is people not even pretending to give an interest in people and if they get the vibe you are using them they will avoid you.
  • Don’t expect to get assets given to you straight away, people may give them out but only to their friends so you may need to build that connection first. It should be said your intentions should be somewhat genuine and don’t disappear from the person’s life the moment they give you what you want.
  • Donate to developers & builders – A lot of people would go out of their way and source you a SketchFab house and upload it if you gave them a few bucks. If you have trust with someone who builds content you could go down that road. It should be said that there probably would be someone who would happily do it for free but there may be value in paying someone reliable to get a job done, right?
  • Join FaceBook groups. I shared mine above but you should also check out our links page for a list of other AltSpace communities on FaceBook and Discord.
  • You can join the AussieGuy’s Discord Server as well as the Official AltSpace Discord server if you have not joined already.
  • Join developer events and world builder tours that appear on your event feed. World builders who made the featured worlds in the event plus other world builders ranging from skillset would be attending these events for inspiration too. This is a massive opportunity to network with other content developers at these events.
Published By: AussieGuy92
Published: June 23, 2021

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