You can find the up to date information on this page:

There have been so many updates and everyone is in different stages of migration so it’s been a nightmare to consolidate information. It’s best to browse from the world-building section to find what you need.

This guide is specific to changing Unity versions inside of the Unity hub. This isn’t a particular AltSpace Unity related guide although these steps are required in the migration to 2020.3.9.

The button to upgrade is a hidden grey triangle that can be a little hard to see so I have highlighted this version below.

If you are building a project with a new version of Unity for the first time you can select the blue ‘New’ drop down selector and select to install a new project using your desired version of Unity.

If you have already download and installed your Unity 2020 version you can open up Unity hub and change your project’s Unity version by selecting the arrow and selecting 2020.3.9.

This will begin the conversion process in converting and updating your Unity project which may require a length of time depending on how massive your project is and other factors including the use of shaders lighting probes.

AltSpaceVR 2020.3.9 Uploader

PC: You will then be able to use the Microsoft Mix Reality Toolkit to install the AltSpaceVR uploader once you have cleaned your Unity project.

Mac: You will need to install and unpack the tarball file inside of Unity.