How to grant permissions without having to use the AltVR site

If you are the world owner (or event instance owner) you can grant permissions without needing to use the website. This feature is more useful if you are in 2D or you have the ability to use a proper keyboard. The method to add contextual permissions is a feature embedded into the command console that is in your support menu option.

Practical uses for using the Open Command line

  • Permission glitch where host tools, noclip, moderator or terraformer get taken away the worldowner might be able to use the console to re-grant the permission to themselves or another user. The best thing is that this will be granted on the spot.
  • During events and MRE’s are involved and it would cause disruption if you reloaded in.

The grantrole command

grantrole AussieGuy92 pilot

When you open the command line you will be greeted with a text box. Below is an example of a command not relating to the grantrole command.

Other commands that can be entered ie: help and help <command> to find out more about that command listed in the help command.

Roles executed will give a pass or fail error and will be retained in the world management. There may be a remove permission command but I haven’t discovered it yet or sure if it exists.

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Published By: AussieGuy92
Published: 21 April 2021

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