Resetting an MRE may be required at times when an MRE stops responding or behaving correctly. Most commonly this can happen with MRE’s such as BenVR’s YouTube player where sometimes the best thing you can do to fix the issue is to do a reset. This is an alternative solution to having to manually reload the space unnecessarily and can be safely done inside an event instance.

Some other MRE’s where this is particularly helpful is Luminosity’s Gun MRE and Connect Four, Piano and the AltSpace provided helmet MRE’s. It’s important to note that generally at times these issues are not user-created issues and are more caused by information being out of sync.

If you are not able to view the MRE or continues to have a sad face emoji floating, it could indicate there is a host or routing issue to the server that the MRE is hosted on.

Special thanks to Onezy who gave me the idea to do this article. <3