You can upload a custom profile picture for your account by logging into the AltVR website and clicking on your avatar icon next to the signout button. If that doesn’t work, you can access it by the dropdown ‘More’ menu.

Then edit your account.

You can upload a photo here; keep in mind you are uploading in accordance with the AltSpaceVR community standards. It is worth pointing out that avatars are circular in some places like friends lists, so you may want to make sure your face is reasonably centred on avoiding having it cropped off.

Hiding your profile picture and why you may wish to

This isn’t a particular problem for 90% of users in the AltSpaceVR community. Still, people considered of importance, including MRE developers, popular world builders, community helpers, event hosts and even AltSpaceVR staff, are often high profiled and sought-out users. People AltSpaceVR is still growing; it’s not too difficult to ‘find’ people even if you aren’t friends with them because the popular worlds & events tab will display a handful of names of users who are in there. If you happen to be friends with a particular person who is even appearing offline, this can make it obvious you aren’t online.

You can toggle your photo so that generic profile pictures show up, and unless someone highlights on your icon, they won’t know it is you.

For females, this can also help you hide from lingering men who may be slightly creepy but not past the threshold to block someone. You can toggle your display photo via website settings, but easily it can be done via the ‘Account’ tab on your main screen.

Another note particularly that uploading attractive photos will attract people for the wrong or right reasons, and some people will go through the ‘Here’ menu tab and find women they want to talk to based on looks. This could be argued more so for men pursuing females, but I have seen this happen to anyone regardless of how they identify themselves.