Steven has announced at the new SDK meetup on 01st July that he is in the process of building a new uploader that will be launched in the future.

This new uploader will replace the existing and there will be new features in this uploader that will make future migrations a lot easier.

  • The new uploader will change project settings and convert your project (the best the tool is able to) to the new render pipeline so that you will not have to manually change your project.
  • The new uploader will have better intuitive interfaces for uploading and updating kits in a new interface.

For the purpose of fact-checking this information, this information was discussed in brief at an SDK meetup. I have transcribed relevant parts to the best of my ability. But what was implied was there was going to be a new uploader and when you update using the toolkit to update your uploader, your project will be changed for you. The intent behind this was to reduce the headache around upgrading when major changes are needed to be done. The new uploader will allow you to batch update your kits and select which kits you want them to be uploaded to.

“The intention right now is that when you bring in the new tool, it will automatically convert everything in your project, that’s able to be converted. So it’s going to set your project settings to the new lighting, it’s going to set the new render pipeline settings. It’s going to do all of that. All you need to do hopefully is you might need to retune some of your lightings because the new lighting system works a bit differently, so you might need to tune how your colours look and rebake your lightmaps. The only other thing you might have to do is modify your shaders. We are automating updating shaders to the extent available. But some certain types of shaders that don’t work at all. So in the new system, these shaders will need to be replaced.”

Steven at SDK Meetup 1st July 2021 – Transcribed with clerical edits for smoother reading.

“The new uploader is a rebuild. This is something I’ve been working on for a while. I’m excited to finally get in front of people. This is it’s a new UI that has basically the same thing in Unity. Let’s you select which kits you want to build and which items are in which kits and then just batch upload the entire thing. It’s supposed to be nice and easy. I think it’s easier to use than they currently ‘out-there uploader’. But there’s probably going to be a little bit of retraining also trying to produce some documentation on that front. “

Steven at SDK Meetup 1st July 2021 – Transcribed with clerical edits for smoother reading.

Information is scarce at the moment so I will be updating the site to support the new uploader once more is released officially.