You can find the up to date information on this page:

Thanks to ProxCyde for creating this video.

Jimmy’s Semi-Official Upgrade Guide

Jimmy (AltSpaceVR) runs a forum/wiki of AltSpace tutorials. You can read the upgrade guide for this specific update here:

If you want to read the official AltSpaceVR docs you can access it here:


  • You may need to refresh your catalog to see the latest uploader. You will need to install the latest uploader however you may find that it has been moved to “Other Features” rather than it’s own dedicated tab.
  • You will need to go to Edit > Render pipeline > Universal Render Pipeline > Upgrade Project Materials to UniversalRP Materials.

Common Issues

  • “Failed to run powershell script…” — An optional feature needs Powershell.
  • Uploads failing or timing out? Try uploading a single platform at a time
  • [Mixed Reality Feature Tool] Not seeing Altspace as an option? We’re no longer using this tool. Please download the latest Uploader from and use auto-update for existing projects.
  • “NullReferenceException…XRSettings…” — The uploader couldn’t update some settings. Try restarting your unity project.
  • How do I upgrade an older project to 2020.3.9? Coming soon…

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