We have great news for all React developers out there. Starting today, you can integrate Ready Player Me into your projects using our new React SDK. The SDK is joining our existing integration methods—React Native, Unity, Unreal Engine 5— offering you even more flexibility in integrating the Ready Player Me avatar system.

The React SDK is a step up from our regular Web integration method. It lets you customize the appearance of the avatar creator, control its output with the Avatar REST API, and present avatars using our Visage viewer.

We are looking to bring more features to the React SDK in the future, including the new Assets API and Avatar REST API’s 2D render functionality.

Use the quickstart guide in our developer docs to get started with the React SDK. You can find the SDK in our GitHub repository.

Get started with Ready Player Me

Are you building an app or game that could use some avatars? You can integrate Ready Player Me for free, even in commercial applications. Sign up here to get started.


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