Get Started on AltSpaceVR

The 100% FREE course to teach you the basics of AltSpaceVR and everything you need to get started playing on the platform owned by Microsoft.

Learn the basics of AltSpaceVR

Put together in easy to understand language with screenshots and videos.

By the end of this course, you will be as competent as a user who has been on the platform for several months. This is a fast-tracking, fast-paced learning experience to get you over the most common hurdles on AltSpace.

Logging in and creating an account

Learn about the different ways you can log in into AltSpaceVR from multiple devices.

Learning the controls

How to navigate AltSpace, switch worlds, enable worlds beta, joining events & using the website.


Is this course free?

Yes,  100% free although we do have paid courses you will get heaps of value from this course. And I don’t skip on information just to sell entice you to buy a course.

How do I signup?

You need to create a user account and login, once you have done that you can enroll in the course from your dashboard.

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