Note: AltspaceVR users please use the tarball installation to add the AltspaceVR uploader. This only concerns Microsoft Mesh compatible platforms including Mesh for Teams.

Microsoft just announced that MRTK 2.7.3 is now available for download via Github and the Mixed Reality Feature Tool. This update does contain a number of engine and plugin compatibility updates for Unity 2020 as well as Unity 2021, bug fixes, minor asset changes, docs updates, and other minor updates.

For a list of issues resolved checkout the milestone list on Github here.

If you would like to read the release notes online, check out the release page.

The MRTK team has been hard at work on our next major iteration of the toolkit, MRTK v3. We are very excited to share a public preview with you in 2022. For information on our upcoming releases, including the v3 public preview, check out the roadmap page.

Want to learn more about the Mixed Reality Toolkit? Check out our docs at

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