Recently Steven announced the end of the Altspace-provided MRE meetups which was received as mixed news. A few weeks from the news one of the community’s talented MRE developers has stepped up to provide (bi-weekly?) meetups.

I attended the meetup this week to listen in and very much enjoyed the fresh change of pace. Not to mention I learned something new that I did not know and was able to implement right away.

The event covered the basic 101 ‘What is an MRE?’ but Dargon was diligent enough to cover the distinction between the helmet MRE and went into discussing content packs in detail with showing examples and why you should consider doing content packs in array form.

Now is the time to learn about MREs

MREs have always been a topic in the Altspace development that is a constant barrier for people to take their Altspace worlds and events to the next level. Although I consider myself tech-smart I too have struggled to get into MRE development mainly because I do learn best if I do have some clear guidance.

After listening to Dargon during his event he delivers information in a very professional and easy to understand way.

Next MRE Meetup

Dargon is still in the stages of setting up an Altspace channel to get notified of the next event. The next event will be Feb 23rd (US time). You may need to check for the exact time closer to the date.

Topics to be discussed:

  • Technology: How to control who can use your MRE?
  • Policy: What to do when unauthorized use detected?
  • Defintion: What is authorized use? Can someone who you have authorized add the MRE to a world that isn’t theirs?
  • Do we want a common answer to these questions?