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MRE Creator: BenVR

Rating: 4.44/5. From 9 votes.
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BenVR YouTube Video Player Documentation

One of the most requested MRE because it is probably the most popular MRE on AltSpace. This MRE allows people to stream YouTube videos to the room and offers an easy to use GUI which lists search results similar to what you will find on Google.

There are sometimes problems beyond the developer’s control at the moment due to limitations and issues with YouTube itself and their content delivery network in some cases not showing videos to certain people because of the region they are living in.

There are also issues that the developer is hoping to get fixed with AltSpace support. Because of this, there are times where the player does glitch and although this can be frustrating when the video’s randomly cut out for some people and not others. Please keep in mind that Ben offers this MRE for free and does need donations to keep it going, however, there are limitations and circumstances beyond Ben’s control.

Ben’s YouTube Player Troubleshoot

  • I can’t access the MRE
    • Mods can lock the player so that non-mods can change the video or change the settings.
  • The player gives an error code
    • Due to technical issues there can be some downtime with Ben’s YouTube player just like all other MRE’s on the platform that are run independently, can suffer outages or software crashes. Typically this problem is fixed soon and Ben is alerted pretty quickly to the issue.
  • Video cuts out halfway through
    • This is something that is known but hasn’t been worked around and the reasoning behind it is complex hence why it remains to be an issue. That being said video playback reliability has improved somewhat in recent months thanks to Ben’s work.
  • I can’t see a video playing but others can
    • This can be a geo-blocked or routing issue. There are copyright protections in place such as restricting which videos in which countries can be found on YouTube so this is a general ‘internet’ issue that people have with viewing content.

Resetting Ben’s YouTube MRE

Resetting the MRE can be done by toggling ‘Is playing’ when you edit the MRE in your world editor panel. Unticking it and pressing ‘confirm’ will disconnect the MRE to the room. By toggling the reverse option by clicking the gear icon and editing the MRE to toggle it back on will re-launch the YouTube player MRE.

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