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MRE Creator: JamesVR

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Custom Sky Documentation

I made a skybox MRE because there’s not too many options to customize your sky in Altspace. Original skybox shader created by Dylan Meville. Spawn it using “ws://”. Once you spawn it, you will get a little cube in front of you with some of my lovely pixel art that represents the current sky. Only moderators or terraformers can press the cube. Once you press the cube, you will get a UI system in front of you which lets you customize the sky. Of course, the app will remember your customization in your world so even if you delete and replace the MRE, it should still be the same. My friend, Ben, did help me quite a lot with the UI system of it, so credit to him. The video below shows one out of 15 different settings. Performance-wise, it’s not too bad for quest, but you will have to find out for yourself.




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