What are MREs (Mixed Reality Extensions)

MREs can be considered in simple terms as ‘apps’ for Altspace which extend the capabilities of users and worlds when they are running. MREs are typically hosted by AltspaceVR on their own servers which are the ones typically listed in your world editor panel by default. Other MREs are hosted by developers on their own servers which are often at the expense of the developer to run and maintain.

Consider supporting MRE developers who host MREs

Since MREs aren’t free to host for the most part please consider donating to developers who typically add a URL or some link built into their MRE but for convenience, MREs listed on the site will link to their donation page if available.

Examples of MREs

  • Ryuuzaki’s custom body avatar MRE overlays your existing Altspace clothing with custom-designed outfits only accessible for the owner to wear and is equipable in a GUI.
  • The world search MRE allows you to search for worlds and have portals spawn with the world’s preview thumbnail hovering above.
  • Helmet app MRE allows you to upload a JSON valid script to the AltspaceVR website that allows you to equip items to attachment points. Allowing for easy implementation of hats, jewellery and clothes.

MRE List for AltspaceVR

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How to add MREs to your world or event

You can enter this code manually into the World Editor or copy and paste this code from the site into AltspaceVR if you are using a 2D client.

You can also spawn in MRE’s without having to remember the URL by saving it to your AltVR > MREs. This will allow you to easily spawn them without having to type the WS:// address every time. 😉

Video Player MRE SDK App

Installing Ben’s YouTube Player MRE (Example)

MRE Development Resources

MRE Developer Meetups

Meetup hosted by Dargon who is a respected MRE developer inside the community with a lot of experience. Come show, discuss and ask questions relating to the MRE SDK development.

This event is hosted by Educators in VR and each event is typically hosted every two weeks. You can subscribe to Educators in VR to check out all of their events on their AltspaceVR channel.

Image credit: Educators in VR


Why are some MRES free and others are not?

AltspaceVR hosts a few MRE servers in-house and they have linked them inside the world editor panel. One of their MREs most commonly used is the helmets MRE which allows users to create content packs. Content packs simply refer to objects to load in the MRE that someone has uploaded to their Altspace account by the Unity uploader.

Because the helmet MRE can be pointed to a certain contact pack, the same MRE can be used by many creators without them clashing and is an easy way to get started building content packs and the basic blocks of MRE development so you can create your own custom MRE.

What is a custom MRE?

Simply any MRE that is hosted outside of AltspaceVR that is running on a NodeJS server somewhere to serve the MRE to users. One example is the famous Ryuuzaki Addiction MRE which uses a custom database to store user outfit data and to lock outfits to a particular user.

Because these MREs are hosted outside of AltspaceVR they cost power and money to run and require updates so they can become a burden to run and only become worthwhile if there are people supporting them by paying for them.