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There is an issue going around where users who are using Microsoft accounts are getting stuck in 2FA loops where they are constantly required to verify through their phone whenever they log in. Some people use multiple accounts as well, so this issue that is persisting is really annoying users.

Plenty of issues reported in #troubleshooting on AltSpaceVR Discord

Why is this happening?

Earlier this year, AltSpaceVR announced the first stage of their integrated login with Microsoft accounts announced here:


More Reliable Uniformity

Microsoft Accounts are already used to login to some of the most popular Microsoft programs and services like Minecraft, Xbox Live, and even Office 365. Consolidating logins under Microsoft Accounts means you have less to worry about when it comes to security, as well as more access to features that give you a richer and more intentional experience: parental controls, account sharing, wallet-linking, etc.

Privacy & Security

When it comes to privacy and security, Microsoft Accounts strive to meet high standards for keeping your information safe and your data protected. For AltspaceVR, this means better account vetting, more robust verification systems, and reliable authentication processes. One of Microsoft’s top priorities is customer trust and Microsoft Accounts are designed to help give you peace of mind.

Better Features & Better Experiences

Having enhanced privacy and security technologies also allows us (and you) to do more cool stuff in AltspaceVR. Microsoft Account integration gives us the ability to start working on long-awaited features that help artists and creators get paid. Better security also means that we can help make features like the web-projector, holoportation, and even private events more reliable. That opens the doors of opportunity for a lot of people and a lot of different types of events.

This is a problem that has happened to me and I unlinked my MS account and never linked it back because I suspected the Microsoft 2FA has issues with Quest devices in particular.

I believe the problem will be fixed but this issue will need to be coordinated with other Microsoft departments to coordinate a smooth handshake authentication with the 2FA.

I personally at the time of writing this article had issues with Microsoft Authentication with their 2FA app not linking properly this week with an exchange Outlook account. So I think there are some issues that need to be addressed and I am confident they will but it is once again frustrating having issues after issues, back to back with the 2020 Unity updates.