So recently AltSpace announced they were postponing the URP update and the official post on Discord said:

“QforQ: @World-Builder-Updates
We’ve heard from some of you that you need a little more time to update your Templates and Kits, so we wanted to let you know that we are not turning on our Unity URP update on Sept 15 – we will share a new date with you soon.

Until then, we encourage everyone to continue to work on upgrading your content…but feel free to take some rest this weekend. You still have some more time.

** Use the following resources to check if your templates or kits need to be upgraded:”

Now I do believe based on worlds listing that some people do need time to update their content. I haven’t updated my world out of scepticism of this next update.

But I genuinely believe if you use the current beta build of the new AltSpace client you will come to the conclusion that AltSpaceVR isn’t ready to update. This is supported by glitches I have experienced and other glitches reported on forums by other reputable AltSpace users.

Rhyuuzaki a community MRE developer known for working with his team to make custom body avatars. Has documented two major glitches on AltSpace with the new client. One glitch humorously involving the love hearts in a campfire and the other involving the web projector appearing white-washed.

I have had trouble taking photos as well as seeing a weird outline around avatars. It’s my opinion that there are too many glitches and AltSpace isn’t ready to update.

I can understand why the URP update has caused issues and broken features, but it is really odd that AltSpace hasn’t been transparent on the reasons for the delay. I do believe that there are users who aren’t ready but I feel like there is some honest truth to AltSpaceVR not being platform ready to switch.

I know AltSpace/Microsoft probably don’t want to admit this and I can understand why. But my argument is that this ruins the trust in the community between the users and AltSpace mainly because we feel like we are kept out of the loop. As a community we can understand if things are to be kept secret however, I feel like such a major update like this deserves full transparency so we can tackle these problems.