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Welcome to the longest-running professional Metaverse comedy club in the WORLD! We have over 100+ comedians from across the world who perform for you every night of the week! Unmute yourselves and let's have a good laugh!

Altspace SDK

Hear about latest SDK developments, show off your creations.

VR Forward

A VR event presence in Altspace bringing a variety of fun to a headset near you. From concerts to talk shows to everything in between!

LGBTQ+ and Friends Meetup

We have created this safe haven where you can express yourself in a welcoming environment. We have created this space for those who have difficulty sharing their thoughts and experiences. Feel bold enough to share your stories and we will do our part to give you the encouragement you need to live the life you have always dreamed.


CHANGE your life by growing your business to its fullest potential!

If you want to increase income and grow your business with a real live audience then VR Networking by CONINVR is the way to go. Our networking group grows every day.

Metaverse News

MRE Development Meetup hosted by Dargon

MRE Development Meetup hosted by Dargon

Recently Steven announced the end of the Altspace-provided MRE meetups which was received as mixed news. A few weeks from the news one of the community's talented MRE developers has stepped up to provide (bi-weekly?) meetups. I attended the meetup this week to listen...

AltspaceVR Update – Client 4.3.10

AltspaceVR Update – Client 4.3.10

Hi Altspacers! We released an update for AltspaceVR today. Client version 4.3.10 is available now and includes fixes to the holoportation service on PC and Quest. There is a known issue with the holoportation service on Mac that we’re continuing to investigate. Need...

Meta Avatars SDK Now Available

Meta Avatars SDK Now Available

The Meta Avatars SDK is now available to all Unity developers on Quest, Rift, and Windows-based VR platforms. Any App Lab or Store developer can start integrating Meta Avatars here. Using the Meta Avatars SDK, developers can create user-created avatars to improve...

Hi, I’m AussieGuy92 from AltspaceVR

I shifted to virtual reality and finally found myself a home in AltspaceVR virtual reality social app managed by Microsoft. I play other games, but most of my time is spent building and exploring VR worlds with my friends.

I also create content guides and showcase other events by other users and host my own events from time to time.

Quick Downloads

If you are installing via direct Unity Hub you will be prompted to open the link with Unity Hub to auto-install for you. Otherwise, the manual installer for Windows & MacOS is available.

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