July 30th 2021

QforQ: @General-Notifications @World-Builder
Hi Altspacers,

Today we will be sunsetting the Video Jukebox and taking the service offline. If you were using Jukebox in your world, please consider moving your content to the Multimedia Console, Web Projector, or a community MRE.

For more information about Web Projector or Multimedia Console, see our Documentation: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/mixed-reality/altspace-vr/tutorials/web-projector-streaming(edited)
Using the Web Projector to stream a browser – AltspaceVR
Learn how to use the web projector to stream content from a designated browser into AltspaceVR experiences.

July 29th 2021

Steven: @World-Builder-Updates Just released Uploader v.2.2.6 with some minor tweaks:

  • Clean up some powershell errors
  • Add bulk-add for upload entry items
  • Fix preview scenes performance warning?

July 23rd 2021

QforQ: @General-Notifications Hi Altspacers!

Altspace may experience downtime due to server maintenance, today between 9:30am PST – 10:30am PST (12:30pmEST – 1:30pmEST). You may experience issues with Altspace connectivity during this timeframe.

Thank you for your patience, we apologize for the inconvenience this may cause.

Edit: 10:02am PST – Maintenance has now ended! Thank you!(edited)

Part 2:
[3:33 AM] Steven: @World-Builder-Updates We’ve just released Unity Uploader v2.2.4 with several bug fixes and improvements. As with the other 2.x uploaders, this is for URP/linear projects only.

  • Downgrade missing powershell to a warning, switch to built-in powershell
  • Better error handling in scene/prefab validators
  • Add default “blank” item in kit/template dropdowns to prevent accidental uploads
  • Fix build module detection on Mac
  • Count skinned meshes in scene polygon counts
  • Use Unity background progress bar for uploads (bottom-right of Editor)

July 17th 2021

QforQ: @World-Builder @World-Builder-Updates @General-Notifications

Read this Full Announcement (with screenshots) on the Altvr Blog: https://altvr.com/render-tools-announcement/

Attn: Altspace Creators & World Builders,

As promised, we’re providing you with a preview build for the upcoming “Render Tools” update and giving you access to our new Uploader.

We wanted to give you plenty of advance notice to be able to get your updates in and not lose any of your content. And with that said, you MUST “Upgrade” by September 15, 2021. Your worlds will not be accessible after this date.

Alright, here’s what’s new and what’s changing…

Altspace Uploader 2. Our new uploader is much more user-friendly and includes some new features. As with anything new, there may be a learning curve, but the old functionality remains the same. Get the new uploader today from the Mixed Reality Feature Tool, or use the direct link here: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpUploader

(Note: This new uploader ONLY supports the new render setup. Continue to use the old one for anything being used now.)

Once you have updated your worlds, fixed shaders, fixed lighting and uploaded back into Altspace, you can use the below preview build to test and make sure your worlds work.

Preview Build (for testing). This is not a fully functional version of Altspace, so don’t panic if some things don’t work. It’s strictly designed for testing your worlds. If your world works in the preview build, then it will work once we flip the switch on 9/15. Download the preview that matches your preferred device from the list below:

Altspace 4.2.29 URP for Rift: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpOculus
Altspace 4.2.29 URP for SteamVR: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpSteam
Altspace 4.2.29 URP for WinMR: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpWinmr
Altspace 4.2.29 URP for Quest: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpQuest
Altspace 4.2.29 URP for Mac: https://aka.ms/AvrUrpMac

Read more on the Altvr Blog: https://altvr.com/render-tools-announcement/(edited)

July 14th 2021

QforQ: @General-Notifications Happy Tuesday, Altspacers!

We just released an update, AltspaceVR client 4.2.30, which fixed volume control issues on MMC.

This build is live across the various app stores. The Mac client is here: https://altvr.com/altspacevr-mac/

Update News:

*Fixed volume control on video players

As always, send us your feedback! Reach out to our team at http://altvr.com/support

July 10th 2021

QforQ: @General-Notifications
Happy Friday!

As of today everyone will need to be on the latest version of Altspace (4.2.27). If you have not already updated — attn: Mac users! — please take this opportunity to do so now! Thanks!

July 7th 2021

QforQ: @General-Notifications Happy Tuesday, Altspacers!

This morning we released an update: AltspaceVR client hotfix 4.2.27

This build is live across the various app stores. The Mac client is here: https://altvr.com/altspacevr-mac/

Update News:

  • The “host” user role is now exposed to MREs
  • URP asset bundles will be ignored unless in URP mode (see blog post for details) https://altvr.com/important-information-for-altspace-world-builders/

We also made additional back-end changes to prepare for our forthcoming upgrade. Again, details on that update coming on 7/16.

As always, send us your feedback! Reach out to our team at http://altvr.com/support