The AltSpace URP update will be launching on the 5th of October (US).

This update was released on the 20th October 2020. Full release announcement can be read here.

AltVR Discord Announcement:

Hello World Builders!

Let’s get to the most important info first: The URP Unity update build will not go live tomorrow, October 5.

With the help of the community and through internal testing, we have identified some must-fix bugs. As many of you are building amazing worlds and hosting major events, we know you need advanced notice, so we are committed to giving at least 7 days’ notice before the URP update build goes live.

To the AltspaceVR world builders and creators who have come along with us through this upgrade transition: thank you. We know you have spent many hours, nights, and weekends working to update your content. We want to get this done quickly, but we care about quality a lot and want to make more improvements before shipping.

Thank you,
The AltspaceVR Team

Original post:

This update also includes an upgrade to Unity 2020.3.18, which fixed several issues our team encountered with previous builds. Unity 2020.3.18 is backwards compatible and will support your Unity 2020.3.9 content. Worldbuilders can choose to build with Unity version 2020.3.9, or update at a later time to their leisure.

Beta Builds:
AltspaceVR 4.3.1 URP for Rift:
AltspaceVR 4.3.1 URP for SteamVR:
AltspaceVR 4.3.1 URP for WinMR or 2D Mode on PC:
AltspaceVR 4.3.1 URP for Quest:
AltspaceVR 4.3.1 URP for Mac:

Known issues:

  • The incoming message dialog text is the wrong color
  • The avatar in the Me tab of the menu is too dark
  • The render scale and foveation settings in the Display Settings menu don’t work right
  • Reduced performance in all spaces due to broken draw call batching
  • The MMC video colors are off
  • Buttons sometimes require multiple clicks to activate
  • UI selection on Quest is unreliable
  • Moving objects from the World Editor with the mouse move far too fast
  • Lots of kit objects and interactables don’t look right