Posted on September 2, 2021

Attention AltspaceVR World Builders!

Our Big Upgrade is coming soon – September 15th – and we wanted to give you ONE LAST (FRIENDLY!) REMINDER TO UPDATE YOUR CONTENT.

Please update to Unity 2020.3.9 and update all your content using the new AltspaceVR Uploader 2 to ensure it’s compatible with Universal Render Pipeline (URP), Linear Color Space, and Single Pass Instancing (SPI).

If you’ve already done this, good on you!

If you haven’t, please do so immediately or your worlds, templates, and kit items will stop working on 9/15.

Please, and thank you!

Have questions or need help? Join the AltspaceVR Discord Server and ask away in the #unity-uploader channel, where you’ll be sure to find a community of world-builders who are eager to assist.

Preview Build (for testing content compatibility):
AltspaceVR 4.2.40 URP for Rift:
AltspaceVR 4.2.40 URP for SteamVR:
AltspaceVR 4.2.40 URP for WinMR or 2D Mode on PC:
AltspaceVR 4.2.40 URP for Quest:
AltspaceVR 4.2.40 URP for Mac:

Again, here’s a rundown of the changes/improvements coming your way:

AltspaceVR Uploader 2
Our new uploader is much more user-friendly and includes some new features. As with anything new, there may be a learning curve, but the old functionality remains the same. Get the new uploader today from the Mixed Reality Feature Tool, or use the direct link here:
·      Supports batch uploading
·      More stable
·      Includes tools to help you migrate old content
·      Automatically updates shaders where possible
·      Manages updates in-app
·      AltspaceVR supported

Switching to Unity’s URP
Unity’s Universal Render Pipeline has evolved into a powerful graphics solution that delivers beauty with speed and performance, and it’s supported on all platforms Unity targets. AltspaceVR is looking at adopting this to make our worlds better across all platforms. Specific benefits include:
·      Faster frame rates
·      Shader graph support
·      New post-processing effects
·      AltspaceVR will run better on all platforms

NOTE: Some shaders will require updates to work with URP. Please be sure your shaders are updated and compatible with URP.

Moving to Linear Color Space
Rendering in gamma can oftentimes leave textures and colors looking washed-out and oversaturated. This upgrade to linear solves that problem, allowing for much more realistic lighting effects. For more info, check out this article:

Here are the benefits:
·      Better color response from surfaces
·      More realistic surface shading
·      Higher quality lighting effects at a reduced cost

Switching to SPI
Single pass instancing optimizes rendering in a way that lightens the load on your GPU and CPU, leading to significant improvements on speed and performance.
·      Faster frame rates
·      Lower CPU usage
·      Increased detail and complexity of scenes
·      AltspaceVR will run better on VR