This story was formed because of glitches with my AltSpace account resulting in particular people appearing as the old AltSpace avatars (robots). As this glitch resulted in me not being able to login into my account or change worlds I made Subway home for 6 hours until I couldn’t hold on listening to the music and gave up and quit knowing I wouldn’t be able to get back online.

At an attempt to bring humour to an anxious situation I formulated a short story with the help from one of the few people I could visibily see in the world. We created this shorty story using my friend’s world featuring a Subway.

The story of the lost AltSpace robot

Was just another day working at AltSpace’s Subway diner while supervisor Wally was in the store doing his mandatory checks. For some reason, he has been more concerned in recent days that his store will vanish without a trace in the coming weeks unless he complied with the manufacturer’s demands. But I have told him he was crazy for thinking that but after today I am a believer.

Just say the Pentagon is due to release their report into UFO’s I was just minding my own business working at Subway and before I know it this robot comes in and convinces the manager to hire it on the spot.

Just when I didn’t think the day got crazier the manager paired me up with the robot to teach it how to make subs. The problem was, it didn’t take long for the robot to progress and within a few minutes each the robot was able to make better subs than I could. I was pissed off!

The robot within the first 15 minutes of starting work had already learnt how to do front counter procedural work including money handling which nobody showed it how to do anyway.

This robot tried to rub it in even more by neatly organising everything into sizes and shapes before I could even tell the robot to at least put gloves on. But I had to hand it to the robot, it did my work for me.

Realising that this robot could replace my job in a heart beat as well as do the work of 5 employees at once I grew anxious that this one of a kind robot could make my job redundant. But before give it another thought I was put on my first break which meant that the robot and manager would be alone on front counter.

The manager seemed confident the robot was already up for the role and even thought about going on break herself.

Going onto lunch break, I realised I had left my lunch at home and endured being served. This robot somehow had its fingers over every ingredient waiting for me to confirm as if it could read my mind. I angrily feasted on the best sub I ever had while I watched the robot from a distance eating my lunch while it handled a lineup of 20 customers on its own without breaking a sweat… I mean circuit board.

By the time I came back from break I was expecting a dirty kitchen but came back to the robot to have happened to find the robot putting in a new kitchen sink. Robot claimed that he had access to Patreon’s and the AltSpace overlords granted world editor… whatever that is?.

So it was becoming more apparent that this robot was going to be running the joint by the end of the week and I would be out of a job as I left the robot to install the kitchen and went out to find two other robots seeking jobs.

I paused wondering if I should be worried about my job being lost to technological advanced beings but that wasn’t before another robot walked in and asked to see the recruitment manager.

I politely welcomed the robot in and invited them to take a seat and asked if they needed anything but they were were happy to float around in mid-air so I didn’t really know what to do.

I struck up the courage to ask why they were all interested in working here, and it said it was purely for nostalgia purposes because they missed the times they were able to navigate this side of the metaverse freely. They said their communications would randomly cut out, and they always had to reboot themselves to be able to function again randomly, and it got too much, and they left. The robot continued to say that this part of the universe would be too difficult to travel to in a few weeks, so they want to grab their last bite. They also wanted to ensure that their beloved sandwich shop continues to be around for many moons in the hope that they can one day return.

As the robot was telling me their story, I heard the manager yell at the employee robot for getting a drink without paying for it. My manager lost her shit and started telling all the robots to get out and not come back.

The end.