The most common way people browse for future events is they go through the main AltSpace event calendar which I admit even I do it 90% of the time. However, when I am searching for events in advance to go to I always do it through the website.

It is worth having a mobile device or a PC where you can access the AltSpaceVR website. There are a lot of things you can’t do in-game that you need to do on the site (ie create worlds). However, the website also does certain things better than the UI and one of them is the event section on the website.

Accessing Event Section On

Most users know about this already so I wontt touch too much on this section. However, you can view more events at a time as well as browse in advance with easy rather than flick through 20 pages in the headset.

AltSpace Channels

Accessing the channels section on the website is smart, faster and allows you to see the channels and events that matter to you as well as have the ability to setup notifications for events that you care about. The default page for ‘Channels’ will take you to the featured popular page.

Latest Channels (New)

You may come across mostly rubbish channels created in the moment, but you may find channels that may fit a particular niche of interest that hasn’t quite picked up to be a mainstream event. You can also reach out to the channel owners and friend them so you can socialise with people who share the same interest.

Subscribing To Channels

You can subscribe to channels that you find interesting. Subscribing to a channel will alert you of upcoming events by e-mail that allows you to plan ahead of time if they have been scheduled. If you are new to AltSpace and looking for social outlets to meet new people, you may want to check out the popular channels.

The most popular events are typically hosted by organised event hosts who are experienced at hosting events and have had run their events for several months. This has allowed them to accumulate enough subscribers to get them featured. However, there are some REALLY good events that just don’t get exposure, so I recommend flicking through pages 1-5 and beyond if needed.