I have been updating my templates which I will then move onto my kits afterwards as I thought they would be the more difficult assets to convert. I have converted a few templates without any problems, but I’ve unfortunately had to write off some other Unity projects as the project was just corrupt beyond repair.

Case Sample #1

In one of my test worlds (not used), I noticed that my assets were all pink. As this was a useless template to me, I didn’t investigate further. Unfortunately, this problem appeared before I could not delete my AltSpace Unity files or the toolkit, so this problem occurred simply from switching versions.

Case Example #2

This is a recently built in the previous version of Unity using low poly kits. I had modified the grass terrain with an albedo shader setting on full-capacity black. This is the previous version of Unity that made the grass slightly darker than the green used for the terrain mountains. However, in the upgrade, the project looked okay previewing in Unity, but once it had been uploaded to AltSpace and tested the world, the grass was completely black.

I had to go back in and decrease the Albedo shader setting a lot more, which wasn’t a problem for one plane but I can appreciate if this was causing headaches for vastly complicated worlds that have lighting and heaps of shaders.

Case Example #3

Similar to case #1, this world turned up completely pink. What is different from this to case #1 is the time and effort into the world to make sure I was making this world as lightweight as possible and properly editing and following tough constraints. I also happened, in this case, to make those wall texture using Canva and imported them myself optimised. There was no custom imported shaders as I built this scene from scratch using imported meshes.

I was particularly suprise that this world of all worlds didn’t convert over.

  • One of the interesting things noted. If I viewed the wall object as a prefab, it would display the proper texture, but this information was missing on the object. I repaired my project by re-dragging the textures onto the walls, and I could fix my world this way.

Case Sample #4

Viewing this world in the new Unity made my floorboards to the left of the image above appear with a green tint in the preview. This isn’t a AltSpace or shader issue but noticed the light preview tool in Unity acts a little differently.

Before updating to 2020.3.9
After updating to 2020.3.9

Some of the assets looked a lot better in the world, yet other objects had their colours change slightly, as demonstrated in the two images above. Again, these aren’t really a problem for my world, but this could be a major problem for someone else, depending on your world.

My thoughts & conclusion

Not blaming AltSpace toolkit for these issues or their migration process as these problems were immediate from the moment the project opened up in 2020.3.9. However, I think the reality is that some worlds will need to be modified again.