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Halo + Santa Hats

wss://mres.altvr.com/helmets?content_pack=1874348372555464879The halo gives off a glow as well hence why I couldn’t take a clear photo but the glow is a nice intensity so you won’t be running around blind (hopefully!...

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Assorted Coloured Shapes

A few textured shapes otherwise low poly. These shapes can be used for constructing buildings with stairs as well as obstacle courses or anything your mind can come up with.These go well with the existing public low poly prefab...

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New Kits

Added a bunch of new kits tonight. Some may not have colliders but they will be added in coming days. Feel free to start playing with them, In the mean time for floor tiles you put a normal plane just below the objects in the...

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Low Poly Cars

This is licensed to be shared so enjoy. :)I am being careful with kits I create publicly and privately, I’m upskilling myself so I am looking forward to pushing myself to fulfill the demand. 😉

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Two Public AltVR Groups

Anyone can join these groups, you don’t have to be a Patron.https://account.altvr.com/groups/1864917595614871706 – Basic Lightinghttps://account.altvr.com/groups/1865436107915657654 – Prototype BasicsAt the...

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