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Final URP Beta Release (Pre-Launch)

This update was released on the 20th October 2020. Full release announcement can be read here. https://aussieguy92.com/altspacevr-4-3-5-urp-update-now-out/ The URP preview links have been updated with the build that will be...

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Upcoming AltSpace Render Tool Update

This week we are approaching the update for Unity 2020 using the new render pipeline.  this has certainly been one of the most controversial updates in recent times for AltSpace and as a result, there have been divided opinions...

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AltSpace Patch Notes Sep 03, 2021

Release 4.2.45 Hi Altspacers! We just released an update that fixed a few bugs and added a new feature. Altspace client 4.2.41 is available across all devices/platforms, and upon updating you’ll notice a brand new “What’s New”...

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Patch Notes for AltSpaceVR July 2021

July 30th 2021 QforQ: @General-Notifications @World-BuilderHi Altspacers, Today we will be sunsetting the Video Jukebox and taking the service offline. If you were using Jukebox in your world, please consider moving your content...

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