This post will be updated in the coming days so be sure to check back to see if your issue is documented.

The URP update has been out for over 24 hours and users are continuing to migrate their content over to the new update. Some users have intentionally left their updating to post-Unity 2020 update due to the update previously being postponed a few times.

This has created a perception in the community that things are lost ie: AussieGuy’s Crowns which I will be updating and restoring and even adding to the collection. I did update the crowns but weren’t successful in appearing so the MRE will need to be redone and re-scripted but nothing that can’t be fixed. 🙂

Other builders I have spoken to are in the middle of updating all their kits and templates now so don’t delete your worlds just yet.


Why is my template pink?

If you have upgraded to URP you will need to go into Unity and visit your edit menu and convert your materials to URP (Edit > Render Pipline > Convert Materials for the project). You may have pink objects as “thumbnails” but you can ‘usually’ drag the object into the scene and verify the object works. Some objects with custom shaders will need to be modified. Usually, you can re-create the material and drag it to the object, this may work for some kind of objects.

Where do I get the Uploader from?

You will need to go to your package manager and add the following as a custom tarball. – You may get a few versions below the current but there is an update button.

Download Unity 2020.3.18

Common Problems (Assumed to be reported)

  • Avatar teeth/mouth is pixelated
  • Avatar lighting has a visible white outline in URP under certain lighting conditions (amplified)
  • Some feature kit objects appear to be darkend in worlds.
  • World teleportation via portal is delayed
  • Certain shaders semi-converted cause display issues or textures to display improperly or amplified
  • Random crashes
  • Stuck menu’s where information isn’t updated such as top worlds and events will still display information from prior menu check.