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Demetri Portelli – From Hugo to Gemini Man
Saturday, August 14 @ 5pm PST / 12am UTC

Demetri Portelli will discuss his stereoscopic work on feature motion pictures, including director Martin Scorsese’s Hugo, director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s The Young and Prodigious T.S. Spivet, and director Ang Lee’s Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Gemini Man, both also filmed in high frame rate.

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Breathe and Stretch with Rachel D
Tuesday, August 10 @ 2:30pm PT / 9:30pm UTC

Ready to feel better overall and release tension from the body? Come join me and my friends as we breathe, stretch, and connect. In this session, we focus on the breath then connect it to movement. This will ease your nervous system and overall body into a new range of motion correcting poor habits, like jaw clenching, lower back issues stressed shoulders, and so on.

This is a full-body range of motion movement session and can be adapted if you prefer to be seated. Prepare your space to move the shape of a yoga mat or long beach towel and to lay on your back. All fitness levels are welcome and prepare to laugh a little too.

Community MeetUp
Wednesday, August 11 @ 6pm PT / 1am UTC

Welcome to the weekly Altspace Community MeetUp, your opportunity to share feedback directly with the Altspace Team!

X-BEATS – VR-Party with Live-DJ-Set
Thursday, August 12 @ 1pm PST / 8pm UTC

X-BEATS is a VR party series hosted by vm-people taking place once a month in our virtual club at AREA X.

Get down on the dancefloor and move your body to the beats delivered live by our resident DJ Illuminatty. Based in Oakland, she knows exactly how to turn a bunch of lazy avatars into one enthusiastic, twitching crowd.

+18 Failed To Render Comedy Club
Friday, August 13 @ 7:00pm PST / 10:00pm EST

Welcome to the longest running professional VR comedy club in the WORLD! We have over 100+ comedians from across the world who perform for you two nights a week! Unmute yourselves and let’s have a good laugh!

It’s Shark Time!
Saturday, August 14 @ 4pm PST / 11pm UTC

/\ **Ravenhall Events presents ‘It’s Shark Time!’ – a game show like no other!**

/\ Journey with Michael Forest and his adorable co-host Sharky to the bottom of the Virtual Sea. There, they will introduce you to their friends Melvin, Buster and Fang – three VERY hungry virtual sharks with an endless appetite for Altspace Avatars!

18+ Open Mic at the Coffee House
Sunday, August 15 at 6pm PST / 9pm EST The mic is OPEN! Share your song, poems, and jokes, spread your (altspace appropriate) message, advertise your own events, practice your skills, whatever they may be- all with the best coffeehouse crowd a group could ask for! With Loco as a host, and the most talented and BRAVE altspacers in attendance, this is guaranteed to be the most entertaining hour your Sunday evening has to offer!
Your Event Here!

Host an event of your very own- swap recipes, talk about the latest Westworld finale, interview your mom, DJ a dance party. The possibilities are endless!

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