The Top VR Social Networks On PC & Headset


VR chat is probably the biggest VR social network in the world but being #1 isn’t particularly a correlation between being the ‘better’ social VR network. VRChat has been around since February 2017 (founded in 2014) and was created by Graham Gaylor and Jesse Joudrey. Fun fact! it was created in a college dorm room.

FaceBook Horizon

FaceBook Horizon is an invite-only application at the moment as the app is still in the early days. I am unable to document on my personal experience so I have included a long demo by Progress Telerik on YouTube.

Mozilla Hubs


Who is Hubs for?

Hubs is for anyone who wants to connect with others remotely! It’s a great way to bring communities together in a shared virtual space.

Hubs is great for hosting a conference, teaching classes, showcasing or just hanging out with friends. I have used hubs a few times and it’s super easy to join by browser.

Hubs works across platforms. Got a VR headset? Awesome! If not, you can use your desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile devices to explore in 2D (see supported browsers).

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More Networks

TheWild VR