After a few nervous weeks that felt like months, Synty & Microsoft/AltspaceVR have come to an agreement where the Altspace can continue to use Synty assets. It is not known about the agreement in full between the two parties or if Microsoft paid for the right to continue or not or if it was an act of good faith by Synty Studios to allow the current kits only to avoid bad PR backlash as this change did cause chaos on the platform.

I (AussieGuy92) would like to personally thank the Synty Studios & Altspace for negotiating an agreement so quickly and giving people essentially back their homes.

It should be mentioned that the changes to groups and kit sharing rules won’t be changed. You must still have the necessary rights to share kits and templates that you don’t own yourself. These recent announcements have been a wake-up call about the risks involved in avoiding doing so. But now that we have the Synty assets back, I hope this returns a sense of normality back to the network.

You can read the full Discord announcement here.

The original announcement of the removal can be read here.