With the recent announcements, there has been a lot of confusion about whether to update to Unity 2020 or not when the official announcement discourages anyone using Unity 2019 NOT to switch to 2020 and to wait for further announcements.

However, many people have updated their worlds and assets already, which is where the confusion is starting to get complicated. People don’t know if they need to restore an old backup to 2019 or to try and downgrade their project back to 2019 (Not recommended).

I have already updated my kits/worlds to Unity 2020 what do I do?

Keep working with Unity 2020 as per normal and anticipate you will need to do some updates.

I am working currently with Unity 2019 and want to update.

Keep working with 2019; you will need to update to 2020 regardless, and the people already using 2020 will need to update as well.

Can’t I just use Unity 2020 anyway?

Probably, but accept the risk that there may be some painful updating in the future. Either way, you look at it, you will need to update and learn a new workflow of updating your AltSpace assets. I think AltSpace will provide an automatic tool through their toolkit that will patch projects when these changes are made.