There are other VR event platforms that have their pro’s and con’s although it is in my humble opinion that AltSpaceVR is the overall better platform for hosting live events in virtual reality. I will include my 2 cents but I will also try and articulate in detail what makes AltSpaceVR the “better” platform. I will be discussing some of AltSpaceVR’s features that make it so but also going into detail about how the AltSpaceVR community specifically makes this the desired app to host your next VR event on.

The types of events you will find on AltSpaceVR

You may chuckle seeing VR Church side by side with a 420 related event followed by an Agnostic Group meetup, but this is a sample of the diverse culture that exists on the AltSpaceVR platform. AltSpace is an event platform for ages 13+. However, I hear countless testimonials from new users saying they are relieved that there aren’t kids running wild on the platform.

Although it is a 13+ platform, you will mainly encounter users of age as the social dynamic of the platform encourages people to form their own friendship groups.

AltspaceVR announced in February 2022 that Altspace would be improving users’ safety features such as expanding the bubble and enforcing Microsoft logins. The advantage of enforcing Microsoft logins is that it gives parents quick access to control the content minors (13-18) can access.

It is possible that in the near future you will be able to control the age groups allowed in your event settings on the

Types of events you will find

  • Education in VR / Educational lectures
  • Disco 70’s (generational themed) discos
  • Game shows
  • Talk shows
  • Political debate
  • Movie streaming events
  • Award ceremonals
  • Microsoft & Tech keynotes
  • Religion meetups
  • Locale meetups
  • Alcoholics anonymous meetups
  • Scavenger hunts
  • Social gatherings
  • AltSpace Unity meetups
  • AltSpace development meetups
  • Comedy shows
  • Open mic shows
  • Group therapy sessions
  • LGBTQ communities & support groups
  • VR / World tours
  • Live performances
  • Night club events

If you want more out of AltSpace – Make friends!

One of the best pieces of advice I can give to any AltSpace user is to keep connecting and making new friends. Your friends will be different from others; you will vibe with some groups of people and not with others. And for the rest, you will find a way to co-exist with people even if you aren’t really “friends”, but you may still find you are seeing each other online a lot and become friends on AltSpace out of convenience because you hang around the same people, even if you two specifically don’t always talk.

Making friends can be easier for some people than others, but you must continue to make friends on AltSpace and meet new people. People will naturally develop their AltSpace routine, and there will be people on more than others on different days of the week and at different times. I recommend befriending people from around the world, so no matter what time of day you log onto AltSpace, you will always have worlds and events to attend.

AltspaceVR is considered an events platform and you will find events around the clock listed on the events calendar. You will also have the option to choose from the popular worlds where you will have visibility of some of the users in the room and let you know how many of your friends are in that room if they are online.

Keeping your personal space in Altspace

AltspaceVR has features that users can utilise if they want to create a more comfortable experience in VR.

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