Known before FaceBook’s Meta name change was announced in the fall of 2021. Quest 2 devices are impossible to find in retail stores in Australia. In particularly in South Australia there were no options to buy a headset from EB-Games, JB-Hifi, Target or K-Mart at all.

The only way I could get my hands on one is buying one through the Oculus store on Amazon which a link below provided will take you to the store page, courtesy of my Amazon affiliate link.

Oculus Quest 2 – Advanced All-In-One Virtual Reality Headset – 64 GB

Are there many Australian’s using VR?

Although I do come across a handful of Australians on AltspaceVR but they are fewer in numbers compared to the rest of the world. If you are socialising on a social VR platform including Venues and VRChat you may need to pick your login time an appropriate time of the day where your locale would most likely be on. For example after 6PM Monday – Friday and maybe 12PM – 9PM Friday and Saturday. You may be looking for a few days so be sure to make friends with people across the pond. Everyone socialises together in VR so generally speaking you will have friends from all over but it is a bonus to meet someone who is across your town.

It is true Australia is lagging behind in the number of VR users, but more and more people particularly in Australia are losing freedoms’ and preferring to stay home more. It is quite possible with this new recent Meta announcement that VR may become more popular as more companies adopt it as a form of remote meetings. Typically companies might buy their staff headsets and after hours, they discover VR properly and become users of the Metaverse. This will take time and as soon as VR hits a critical mass of growth in other places Australia will follow suit.

Get into VR early

I encourage any Australian or anyone for that matter, to try VR as it will become more relevant and more mainstream over the next decade. Possibly this migration to the Metaverse will happen sooner but it is important to note that VR has been around for years some-what and it hasn’t picked up even with the Quest 1 and 2. It may take another headset release with some new features and hardware before the confidence to use the tech reliability happens, making it quickly adapted into workplaces.